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Let's create a website that will help you attract and engage with customers!

I will design and develop a website that has a functional layout, making sure it’s compatible with all browsers, mobile devices and other devices that might access your website.

Having a website is as crucial as having a shop, office, or telephone number.

There are millions of users who surf the internet for thousands of hours each year, having a website gives you access to them.
A professionally designed website will make you look professional, it will give the impression that you are ready to do business with all kinds of customers. This means your customers will always be able to be in contact with you – anytime, anywhere. Even outside of business hours, your website will continue to find and secure new customers, because it will provide access to the information they need, in the comfort of their own homes.

Your website is a representation of your personality, your values, and your brand.

The secret to building an online presence that resonates with your target customers is to create a branded website. You need a person who will create a website that combines the visuals, colours, and content that presents your unique values, such as your products, services and benefits of working with you, which will create a cohesive picture of your brand’s personality.

The importance of an inclusive website

When designing a website, it is important to consider how some of your users may be restricted in terms of how they use and engage with the website — physically and cognitively.
It would hurt your business to lose your visitors due to a non-inclusive web design. Every business needs a website that is designed to engage everyone with it fully and not feel excluded.

My name is Live Mxaku, I create professional websites for small to large businesses.

If you want a website that reflects your company, your products, your services and your brand, you have come to a right place. I make sure that your website is visually appealing, polished and professional. 
I do not only offer a website design that provides a crucial first impression, but l also make sure that your website is inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.

What makes me different

I stand out because…

I value learning.

Technology is dynamic and fluid; it is changing, evolving, and growing. I know if I want to offer a great website that keeps up with the modern technology to my clients, I need to stay current and update myself with the trends in the industry.

I have empathy for users.

The business of web development is about fulfilling people’s needs and solving problems. 
That is why I make an effort in trying to understand the kind of users I am dealing with and value them.  Without understanding the users, I will be creating a website for; it would be hard to make the businesses of my clients succeed.

I have an analytical mindset

Web development requires creativity. I enjoy brainstorming and providing tangible and practical solutions for my clients when they are facing problems in their businesses.
I always reassure them to relax, sit back, and trust that their website is in good hands, while I try to think of the ways of creating a solution that meets the needs of the users during development.

Keneilwe was able to reach more customers to sell her book.

I really love the website; it exceeded my expectations. It was easy working with you, and you were very helpful. Thanks to this website, I can now sell my book online and reach customers all over the country, making things much easier for me.”

– Keneilwe Tsieane
Author of “My Walk with God”

Client Projects

I create websites for businesses that want to increase their credibility and showcase their brand to their target customers.
MacBook Air - 1

Website design for Sodhie Naicker

Crafting a website for Sodhie Naicker, an author specialising in mindset mastery


Website design for Sibulele Duna

Creating a website for Sibulele Duna, a social worker dedicated to empowering communitiest.


Website design for The Gantry

Creating an online presence for The Gantry, a restaurant renowned for its exceptional dining experience.

Website design for Keneilwe Tsieane

Creating a website that provides transformative wisdom for personal growth and spiritual exploration.

How it works

This is how we will work together…


 I ask questions to get a clear understanding about your business and brand, we talk about what you want, what you do, and why.


I create content for your website, making sure that it is engaging and gives people a clear picture of your brand.

Web Design

I design your website through Figma, constantly getting in touch with you during this process.

Web Development

I turn the design of your website into a fully functioning website that is ready to be launched.

Start the conversation.

I am keen to learn about your business and help you get a website that you have always wanted.
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