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An engaging web design for small to large businesses

Having a well-functioning website is an important part for running a successful business. However, it can be hard to know what makes an engaging web design. 

That is why you need a person like me, who knows how to build a website that is appealing and engaging to your visitors.

My Story

Growing up in South Africa, in Eastern Cape, l was a kid with no sense of direction of what l wanted to become in life. l attended school every day and l would watch other kids talk about their dreams of becoming doctors, pharmacists, scientists, and engineers. 
These fields were in demand and if one would land a job in one of them, that person would live a decent lifestyle, and that was our definition of “success”. However, l always had this deep ambition that had no outlet. 
I wanted to find something that would help me express myself, but l did not know where to find that or how. At this point l was in high school, pursuing a career of becoming a civil engineer, even though l did not like it. I took rap music as a hobby. I started with no instrumentals, the only thing l had was a pen, paper, and my voice. As l kept practising how to rap, l began liking it more, until I bought myself a laptop and a microphone, each step I took was more and more exciting.
I had a dream of releasing my music to all music platforms. To do that I needed to find people who would enhance the quality of my music. After l passed my last grade in high school, l went to a college called African Film Drama Art(AFDA), in Cape Town. In that college everyone was creative, some students wanted to become film makers, some wanted to become musicians, and some wanted to become business entrepreneurs. 
One of my lectures, hooked me up with people who would enhance the quality of the sound of my music and release it to all music platforms. 
Music has a creative side and a business side. Since l wanted my music to be recognised, I needed to know the business side of it.
 In college I chose to become a business entrepreneur, not only for my music, but also to learn how to be independent (to not depend only on my degree to get a job). 
In AFDA l was taught the fundamentals of UI/UX design. I instantly fell in love with the aesthetic elements of web design. When my music was released to all streaming services, l started fantasising about having my own website for my music,
where people could have access to my lyrics and a description of each song. 
I created the design of my website through Figma, and l made it to be interactive as if it was an actual website. But my mind still wanted more, it said if my website was on Google, everyone would have access to it,
even people l do not know. I figured that there are lot of things l would do if l would have skills of creating an actual website. 
I taught myself how to code, l learnt HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I was fascinated by this new world l was in, l practiced day and night, until l was ready to turn my website design into an actual website. While l was still working on my next project for my music, my mind still wanted me to create more websites, and find independency by becoming a freelancer, just like I always wanted. 
Now here am I, at my creative peak. Utilising every tool that is in my disposal and making the most out of it. Expanding my skill base and my possibilities in the process of self-discovery, combining these skills in ways that are unique and suited to my individuality.

My Music Website

This website is the reason people connected with my music on a deeper level

Web design for my music

I created this website for people to have full access to my lyrics, show my vulnerabilities, and share my perspective on life.

Let's work together!

If you are a business that wants a website that will build your brand presence, improve your brand credibility, and allow you to interact with your customers whenever they need you, let’s work together. 
I will create a website that reflects your special and unique brand, which will help you stand in a field of your own, attracting the customers that are attracted to who you are and how you help.
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